I’m happy to share that I’m launching a personal newsletter. It’s called Ask Better Questions and it explores leading topics in and around our technology community.

It’s less about the modern practice of shouting at the internet as an expert. And more about a timely curation of ideas that encourage discussion and inspire action.

Each fortnight I will present the research I’ve been doing on a topic as a starting point for conversation. Use it as an entry point, or jump in to share your experiences and insight. Either way it’s about reading, and thinking, and replying.

People are the best thing about tech

This isn’t for everybody. This is for people who want more than a virtual fist bump as we pass each other through the endless scrolling hallways of social media. I don’t care if you Like it. But I hope you will like it — and take the time to think and respond on some of the issues I explore.

Ask Better Questions is so named as a reminder that it’s the quality of our curiosity that determines the quality of what we create. And that includes what we think and talk about — as I’ve learned after spending the last ten years living in as many and more countries and cities around the world.

The greatest gifts of my journeys have been those moments of discovery that come from conversations about the things that get our deep attention. There’s a certain power in the incredible intentionality of what we call “communities of practice”. Of people doing things with effort and care.

And that’s where Ask Better Questions comes in. It’s a way to tie in those deep perspectives on pressing topics in and around “technology “— and the real world it touches.

Let’s start at the beginning

The very first issue will be exploring the unlikely rise of the personal newsletter. It seems that a good place to start is at the beginning — what I’m exploring right now. And what I’ve learned speaking to those already doing it.

As for what kinds of topics we might cover? I’m thinking a lot lately about the rise of online education, authenticity in product design, the anti-hustle/anti-VC movement, the makers movement, building transparent brands, and everything about finding (or being) a good mentor. And of course the future of open source (given I’m writing a book about it).

I invite you to join me in that discussion.